About the Summit

Technology is transforming how consumers communicate, and marketing initiativesare beingcontinually reconceived to keep pace with these changes. Rapid developments in communication channels andplatforms are compellingmarketers to re-think existing strategies in an attempt to stay relevant and competitive.In an age of "Content Shock" where consumers are bombarded with advertisements, emails, tweets and push notifications, trying to gain a foothold in the consumer mind space is more difficult than ever before. With the rise of the Internet-Of-Things (IoT)and ubiquitous smartphone adoption, consumers are increasingly relying on the new wave of features and conveniencesoffered by this ecosystem, which presents marketers with immense possibilities.In addition, thegrowing phenomenon of consumersrapidly sharingmarketing-relevant information over Social Media and Instant Messaging platforms has created new challenges as well as opportunities for Marketers. In the context of thesetransformative communications technologies, organisations are now tasked with re-inventing marketing initiatives with the help of automation and machine learningto deliver enhanced customer engagement while driving business growth. Successful marketers mustleverage cutting-edge technology combined with consumer insight in order todevelop and implementbreakthrough Marketing strategiesto stay ahead of the curve.

To enable business leaders and marketing practitioners assimilate cutting edge marketing practices and drive business growth, the CII- Suresh Neotia Center of Excellence for Leadership is organizing the second edition of the “Marketing Leadership Summit” on 17 May 2018 at The ITC Sonar, Kolkata. The Summit will underscore the evolution of business models in light of the rapid changes in consumer technology, and as a consequence,how organisations need to re-adapt their marketing strategy to achieve their goals.

Key Objectives

The Key Objectives of the conference are as follows:

  • a) Highlight break through marketing trends in the context of rapid changes in consumer behaviour and develop viable strategies toovercome the twin challenges of disruptive technology and competition
  • b) Explore the opportunities and threats emerging in the changing consumer landscape and helping in developingrobust business strategies based on latest research and findings
  • c) Compare and synchronise traditional and contemporary marketing approaches that leverage Technology with human insight at its core

Session Outline

  • Marketing at the confluence of Storytelling and Automation
  • Reinventing Buzz: Viral Marketing in the interconnected Digital World
  • Redefining Content Marketing in a Post-Text World
  • The Future of Engagement in an age of Mobile Ubiquity

Who Should Attend

  • CEOs, CMOs
  • Department Head – Marketing, Sales, Strategy, Corporate Communication
  • Digital Media Strategists
  • Marketing and PR Agencies
  • Market Research Organizations
  • Brand Consultants
  • Data and Analytics Professionals
  • SME’s, Start-Ups and Entrepreneurs