With anover-abundance of available information and multiple marketing channels bombarding consumers, brands are under relentless pressure to convert and retain consumers. The new ‘Attention Economy’ presents brand marketers with a huge challenge since despiteinitiatives aimed at amplifying reach, finding consumer receptivity remains elusive. In the middle of the clutter, most marketing messages are either overlooked or ignored and Consumer Attention is now a powerful currency in the world of media and marketing. Businesses can no longer simply buy their customers’ attention, but instead have to earn it.

The session will focus on contemporary strategies that utilize the power customized content to build a “Ladder of Engagement” with consumers. Experts will showcase how successful marketers are judiciously deploying AI driven Automation alongside traditional media campaigns to anticipate and deliver ‘Moments of Truth’ when consumers are most receptive.

The global consumer trust crisis is in full swing. A deluge of fake reviews, misleading advertisements, clickbait videos and counterfeit products have created a toxic marketplace which consumers navigate with caution. The challenge for marketers is compounded by the abundance of choices, ephemeral consumer attention spans and concerns around data privacy. Audience attention isalso progressively shifting from generic communication formats to personal messages and calls to action which they can directly relate with. With ‘trust in brand’ now ranked among the top 3 reasons that influence consumers’ purchase decisions , successful Marketers need to leverage the core values of Truth, Trust and Authenticity as criticalcompetitive differentiators.

The session will underscore how marketing messages need to cut through the noise of misinformation and privacy concerns. In an already cluttered Experts will highlight how brands need to widen the circle of trust in an environment where most marketing messages are distrusted to be carefully packaged lies. The session will demonstrate how successful marketers need to recognize that Trust is not just a buzzword but also a differentiator and a critical enabler of competitive success and differentiation.

With connected mobile devices having emerged as consumers' primary means to access and share information, the Marketer’s competitive battlefield has shifted from shop floors to mobile displays.The widespread proliferation of mobile devices, faster data connections and the exponential growth of the ‘Internet of Things’ to over 200 billion devices in 2020 will arm marketers with revolutionary and real-time customer data and insights. With rapidly evolving consumer expectations and amidst the volley of competing brand messages, marketers will require intuitive marketing initiatives to enable more fluid and personalized engagements.

The session will underscore radical and innovative strategies on how brands can remain visible to on-the-move prospects and bypass the information clutter. It will showcase how successful marketers are leveraging cutting edge tools including voice interfaces, visual search patterns and gesture recognition in order to convey a clear and relevant message to target consumers. Experts will also deliberate on how Marketers can pursue the ‘Mobile moment’ by utilizing location and sensor data to fuel audience intelligence and influence purchase intent.

Before the rise of the internet and connected platforms, marketers relied on ‘evergreen content’ targeted at mass audiences. With the consumer spaceincreasingly characterized by an information overload and declining audience attention spans, short-lived content and creatives such as pictures, videos and live streamed content on platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok and Facebook have taken Social Media Marketing by storm. With audiences saturated with celebrity endorsed butunrelatable marketing messages and shiny product placements, user generated content and ephemeral stories give audiences the authenticity and credibility they want.

The session will showcase how marketers can harness ephemeral content to elicit an Immediate Response from consumers through a sense of urgency fueled by the audiences’ Fear of Missing Out (FOMO). It will highlight the emergence of Live streaming and video marketingto reach and engage new consumers in real time. Experts will also deliberate on increasing use of data and machine algorithms to Drive Impactful Influencer and Micro Influencer Programs.