Marketers are confronted with limited choices in their quest for an immersive consumer engagement. The traditional approach involves crafting a marketing message, creating the target segment of customers and selecting a generic format to deliver the message to the entire segment as a one-size-fits-all approach. More recently, marketers are relying on machine intelligence for automation-driven brand storytelling which adapts to a consumer’s unique preferences and behavior to deliver truly personalized stories at scale, by combining the human elements of storytelling with machine-powered personalization.

The session will focus on contemporary frameworks and examples of how leading brands mergemachine intelligence and content to deliver highly personalized multichannel campaigns.Experts will alsohighlight success storiesshowcasing how successful Marketers are combining Traditional Storytelling and Automation’s granular targeting abilities to ensure that every consumer receives a unique, context-sensitive brand story.

Next Generation Marketers aim to stimulate excitement around their brands using technology, media and creativity to motivate consumers in creating conversations and sharinginformation about their products. In a 24/7 interconnected world, Buzz Marketing is combining consumer sentiment with the power of Social Media and messaging platforms to multiply the excitement surrounding brands.Marketers who employ viral strategies aim to amplify brand awareness byleveragingdigital traffic with the goal of improving an organisations bottom line. However, as is the case with many other issues in the digital space, there is Good buzz and Bad buzz for almost every brand and managing both is a delicate balancing act for modern marketers.

This session will feature marketing experts discuss proven seeding strategies which are hallmarks of asuccessful viral marketing campaigns.It will discuss how Brand marketers can widen the circle of trust by engaging passionate brand advocates to amplify their message and giving them a compelling reason to talk.The panel will also deliberate on strategies that use bad buzz to actually help accelerating good buzz around the brand.

With the rise ofhome-based digital assistants, smart speakers, and the Internet-of-Things (IoT), marketers are coming to grips with a consumer landscape where touch points are mutating intolistening points. Brands which were accustomed to being relatively satisfied when showing up in the top five query results on desktops are bracing for a new search reality. Marketers are analysing consumer search patterns to understand how voice and image queries can be structured in order to better deliver content that satisfies search queries with personalized marketing messages. The defining narrative of cutting-edge marketing practices concerns the decline of text and the exploding reach and power of image and voice technology.

The panel will define the increasingly important role of voice and image based search as they take their place in the Marketing Mix. Experts will discuss how marketers will be tasked with shaping the dynamics of voice and image discovery and utilizing these insights into crafting the “scripts” that fuel new and anticipatory inspiration for next generation consumers.

Smartphone and app proliferation, faster data connections and technology-enhanced purchase behavior have all converged to drive the majority of consumers using their phones in consuming content and making purchase decisions. With the Mobile device having emerged as the primary consumer access point for engaging with a brand, successful Marketers need to plan for ‘Mobile First’ to ensure that their message is aligned with the consumer experience. Future Marketers need a deep understanding of the rich insights that mobile devices provide to engage with consumers at moments that align with the right frame of mind.

The session will highlight the defining developments in Mobile marketing and how brands are increasingly employing innovative and targeted Video Marketing strategies in bypassing content clutter to convey a clear message that is relevant to its target consumer. Experts will also deliberate on how Marketers can pursue the ‘Mobile moment’ - when the consumer uses their mobile device to achieve something, by utilizing location data to fuel audience intelligence and influence purchase intent as part of a dynamic ‘Proximity Marketing’ campaign.